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We are sisters, Meredith & Natalie, and we were born with organizing in our blood and a desire to serve those in need. Coping with a lost loved one or those experiencing drastic changes in a family living situation can be very overwhelming. We've been there ourselves! We specialize in caring for those in difficult situations. Taking on the burden of clearing a home of its contents in a quick and efficient manner. It brings clarity and calm so you can close that chapter in a peaceful way. Our favorite part about this business is the people we get to meet and connect with. We treat everyone like family and love to hear the stories that come along with the treasures. We come with simple solutions and are here to make your estate transition a smooth one. From start to finish, we can handle it all!

We believe in total transparancy. If you are interested in a possible estate sale option please reach out and request our client care packet which describes in detail how our process works, available timelines, frequently asked questions, and fees. We also include a copy of our contract for you to review.




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