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Estate Sales:


We believe in total transparency. That's why we have 5-star reviews, and our clients trust us fully with their homes and treasures! All our secret methods are listed below! 

Consultation - No matter what life transitions you are experiencing, we are here to help. We offer whole home estate sales. We will sort and sell just about anything in your home. Our initial consultation takes about an hour. At that time, we will walk the property to view items to be liquidated, take photos & notes, discuss timelines, and review our contract. Need to sell the home too? Natalie is also an award-winning, licensed Real Estate Broker & member of the National Association of Realtors! 

What you can expect - Once you are ready to move forward, we select sale dates, typically from  Friday to Sunday, with a possible additional sale day when needed. We require access to the home at least two-three weeks prior to the beginning of the sale. We place a builder's key box to access the property as needed. You will be notified (generally by group text) each time we arrive and depart from the property. We also send an overview of the day's progress & sale totals after each sale day is complete, and we have tallied the numbers.

What's included in our service?
Our service includes a 3-day (or 24 total hours) sale prep where we sort, place, and price each item in the home. This is VERY time-consuming, but ensuring the sale runs efficiently is necessary. Should more prep days be needed, an additional daily rate of $375 applies. Upon our first meeting at the property, we typically can tell you if we can achieve preparation in the allotted time frame. It's all based on the number of contents and level of cleanliness and organization. 
We provide our own tables, shopping baskets, pricing guns, clothing & display racks to set your home up like a store. When things are clean, organized, and displayed properly, they sell faster & for more money. 
During sale prep, we may need to research specific items included in your liquidation to ensure we are pricing for the maximum profit possible. We have experts we can call on if needed to assist with pricing any specialty items. This may include; some antiques, jewelry, fine art, coins, comics, Etc. 

Advertising - We advertise in a variety of ways. Publications include but are not limited to;, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Craigslist, eBay, Mercari, Offer up, etc. We also keep a running list of people who frequent our sales and those on the hunt for special items and email them before each sale with the details. Signage will also be strategically placed on the property and beyond (where allowed) during the days of the sale, giving direction to as many people as possible. 

Our Fee - 40% of the total sales proceeds (or a minimum of $2000) is our standard fee. We include everything you see above; 3 prep days, 3 sale days, selling items outside of the sale days, arranging & coordinating pick-up of items sold during the sale or online, and leaving the home in broom-swept condition. We price things to move, so we do not negotiate on any items until the last day, typically a discounted day. 
Additionally, we offer a la carte services such as charity pick-up coordination (minimum of $375), pre-listing cleaning, trash removal (price varies if bulk items are removed), and ozone machine services to eliminate unpleasant odors ($50 per day). If you would like additional services such as charity pick-up or trash out, we require you to reserve this at contract signing so we can schedule these things to align with the sale's end. You can cancel if the service is no longer needed due to the lack of contents to dispose of.  

Our Policies:

  • All contracts must be fully executed to secure your sale date.

  • If the sale is requested from an estate executor, proper documentation must be provided. 

  • The homeowner is required to maintain the utilities during the liquidation's entirety.

  • The homeowner must maintain liability insurance during the liquidation's entirety.

  • The home must be safe for our staff and the public during the liquidation.

  •  All items not being sold should be removed from the property or secured prior to the sale. We are not responsible for items left on the property that were not meant to be sold.

  • Once we take possession of the home to set the sale, no persons should enter the home or tamper, remove, or rearrange anything we have done. Removal of contents will result in a 35% fee of the item's value to the liquidator. We often presell items and do not want to sell something, and then it is taken by the family. 

  •  Items that can not be sold: alcohol, drugs, prescription medications, contraband, pornography, sex toys, pesticides or chemicals, weapons, recalled Items, discontinued toys, and food. 

  • The services are provided on a "best-efforts" basis without warranty, express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties. The liquidator does not guarantee that the services will result in any particular outcome.

  • Disbursements of sale proceeds are completed within 15 days of the final sale day. 

  • Pick-ups for online items require a $25 deposit as a no-show fee. If a customer purchases an item, it will be deducted from the purchase price. If the customer decides upon arrival that the item is no longer desired, the fee will be refunded. This fee is to ensure that customer appointments are kept. 


FAQ for our shoppers:

1.) We accept CASH, Cash-App, Venmo, Paypal, & All major credit cards. Sales are subject to a 6% sales tax & a 3% processing fee for credit cards.

2.) Partial Payments will not be accepted to hold an item.

3.) Items paid in full must be removed before the end of the final sale day.

4.) Any items not picked up by the agreed time are considered abandoned and will be resold.

5.) No refunds will be given for any reason. 

6.) We are not responsible for any damages to pieces left behind.

7.) All sale items are AS-IS, so carefully inspect your items before purchasing.

8.) Disrespect of staff or the property & its contents will not be tolerated, so please shop nice!

9) Smile you're on camera! Thieves will be prosecuted, so please don't. It's so not cool.

10.) An adult must supervise children 10 & under.

11.) You Break It, You Buy It! No exceptions. No negotiations.  

12.) Prices are NOT negotiable until the final sale day...DISCOUNT DAY!

13.) We partner with awesome local charities to distribute remaining unwanted items to those in need. Stand up for Kids, Agape, USA Thrift, For Kids, The HER shelter, Union Mission, SPCA, Registered Little Libraries, and more. Let us know if you have a charity you love and think we should connect with!

***For Downsizing, Cleanouts, and Organization, prices will vary.

Call for a free consultation.*** 

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